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Beta Chrome Browser (Finally!) Supports Multiple Users

If you work in tons of different Google Accounts every day, the new Chrome beta is worth a look.

Instructions geared to AdWords agencies, courtesy of J Prentice on LinkedIn:

1. Download Google Chrome Beta –
2. Click the “Customize and Control Google Chrome” wrench on the right side.
3. Sign in with your first MCC email address.
4. Back to the wrench > options > personal stuff > add new user.
5. Sign in with your second MCC email address
6. Click the icon in the top left of your browser then “edit”.
7. Choose your icon and rename the account.
8. Rinse and repeat for as many MCCs as you have.

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Peyton Williams for Congress

Peyton Williams for Congress in Virginia's 5th District

Peyton Williams for Congress! Retired Army Special Forces Lt. Colonel Peyton Williams is running for Congress in Virginia’s 5th District. I’m developing his website and managing the SEO and PPC aspects of his campaign.

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On-page SEO: New tests show content only affect relevancy

Very interesting ad hoc test results for on-page SEO being discussed at Webmaster World, indicate changes to on-page text, adding H1 tags, bolding keywords, etc, no longer affect rankings with Google:

I’ve never seen a clear correlation to page content and rankings. I have seen title tags and URL changes boost ranking, but not on-page content.

Do you see ranking changes following content tweaks?

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Larry Page: Get with SPYW or GTFO – SEO Tweet Sheet Daily

Today’s SEO tweet sheet. Here’s what you need to know about SEO this morning…

Google Plus splash page screen shot, the Google bar with google plus link highlighted

Danny Sullivan points to an amazing quote, allegedly from Larry Page, setting out their 2012 strategy for Google+ and Search Plus Your World (SPYW, aka their social search strategy) in no uncertain terms. — ref.

And MarketingLand suggests Google’s new TOS can use just about anything to target you. — ref.

From the agency desks, A Stalker’s Guide to Competitive Research from BlueGlass was getting noticed. — ref. And Onward Search put out an interview on career strategy with Tamar Weinberg, a social media expert. — ref.

Apple vs Google earnings getting passed around, with Apple’s profits ($13 billion) beating Google’s entire revenue ($10.6 billion). — ref.

Danny Sullivan tweets,

“not only did apple profits beat google revs but apple did that with manufacturing costs vs google’s virtual inventory” — ref.

While Jim Maiella makes an interesting observation,

“Apple: Most valuable company in the world. No Twitter feed. No Facebook ‘fan’ page. Hmm.” — ref.

SEOs quick to defend Google, as Danny points out that,

“on flipside, google ‘factories’ don’t hang suicide nets, as with apple foxconn ones do. Daily Show was classic on this”  — ref.

And Aaron Bradley notes,

“Apple pre-tax profit per employee: $400,000. Foxconn Chengdu employee average monthly wage: $400.” — ref.

With the State of the Union last night, several SEOs were tweeting politics and the upcoming election. Danny again,

“All that technology & CNN still can’t show captions naming the people it chooses to spotlight in the State Of The Union, geez.” — ref.

Alysson’s tweet of this Obama applause line picked up some RTs,

“From now on, every multi-national corporation should have to pay a basic, minimum tax. And every penny should go toward lowering the national debt.” — ref.

While Joseph Morin wants to know,

“exactly how many bills Obama signs tomorrow.” — ref.

And Alysson thinks

“it’s remarkable that @BarackObama still thinks anyone in the GOP cares about anything except defeating his agenda.” — ref.

…and that’s a wrap! Thanks for reading. Got tips? Send ‘em to the SEO Tweet Sheet!

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Hooray for Amit!

Success for the Amit Gupta Needs You campaign! Tech entrepreneur and insanely creative force for good Amit Gupta has found a 10/10 marrow donor, probably the best possible chance to cure his leukemia. He’s heading for a harrowing year of therapy following total replacement of his bone marrow, please keep him in your thoughts and/or prayers!

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Google testing ad unit lead capture with Pinchit

Saw this in Aaron Wall’s Google+ feed. I got the result, with the kicker that since I was logged into Google Apps, it auto-populated the email field for me.

Slippery slope, this could juice revenues for a bit, but A. Google’s already a direct competitor, and B. They have a history of enhanced search functionality as the “thin edge of the wedge” that leads, directly or not, to increased value capture down the road (example: enhanced air travel results for search ultimately lead to acquisition of ITA, giving them a more direct pipeline to Travelocity, Orbitz, et al’s revenue).

Google tests email capture directly inside ad unit for Pinchit, a daily deals site

Email auto-filled when you're logged in to Google!

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Pupcakes Playcare

Local shout-out to fellow entrepreneur Arlene Sinanian at  Pupcakes small dog daycare and grooming in Buckhead, Atlanta (map).

Pupcakes is a small dog’s best friend when there’s grooming to be done, or a “home away from home” is needed. They have an open playground and great boarding and grooming facilities. Don’t trust me? No worries :-) they’ve got great reviews on Yelp and Kudzu.

Arlene really goes the extra mile for your pup:

Everyone here is family, and we really mean that. Although we have safety fences and gates to keep everyone secure, there are no fences between us. You are always welcome to ask questions, contribute, and share the love that makes Pupcakes a warm and safe place for you and your dog to spend time.

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AdWords Updates Home Tab

Google has revamped the home tab for AdWords.

They’ve simplified the layout and put a big account performance summary at the top of the page.

The biggest change is the replacement of the Account Snapshot tracking with a system that “widgetizes” filters from your Campaigns tab to create discrete views of your campaign.

Any custom filter you create can be added to the Home page tab. With some tweaking, it can be a valuable dashboard giving you quick hit summaries of the specific (filtered) views you spend the most time watching on the Campaigns tab.

They’ve also added some default “keyword performance modules” (aka widgets), which now also show up in your filters drop-downs on the Campaigns tab, they include:

  • Keywords below first page bid
  • Good quality but low traffic keywords
  • Cost-effective keywords
  • Costly keywords with no conversions
  • All enabled keywords
  • All non-active keywords

All useful views, but you’ll probably want to take a closer look at each to see the rules Google chose to apply. Then you can update them or replace with your own custom filters.

For example, “Costly keywords with no conversions” simply shows you all keywords with no conversions. You might want to add Status = Active to exclude paused keywords from the results.

Here’s a filter I like to run to manage straggling keywords in an account, low-level stuff that might not be costing you a lot (though it can if you have lots of keywords) but can drag down the Quality Scores for your ad groups and campaigns.

Note: Assumes you are tracking conversions.

Settings to filter adwords keywords by impressions, conversions and quality score.

  1. Set your time frame to last 30 days.
  2. CTR <= 1.00%
  3. Conversions <= 1
  4. Impressions >= 500
  5. Status: Eligible (Uncheck ‘Not eligible to run’)
  6. Quality Score <= 5

If you really think the keywords in this report should be converting, take a look at your ad copy, and your landing page. Make sure the ad copy is relevant to the searcher’s intent (check the organic results for hints as to what’s on their mind), and include the keyword on your landing page, if possible within the title tag, or an HTML h1, h2, or h3 tag on your page.

Otherwise, pause or delete these keywords, and shift that money into better performing search inventory.

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Google’s Global Reach

Oldie but goodie. As of August, 2009, 71.9% of global unique internet users had visited at least once.

Good metric to watch, if it starts trending down, where are the users going?

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Reset Your WordPress Password

If you know the email you used to create your account. Then you can use the request password link on your login page.

If you’ve forgotten your email address, or your site has been hacked (gulp) and your login info changed, you can reset your password using phpMyAdmin.

What is phpMyAdmin?

phpMyAdmin is a web-based, database management program with a graphical user interface, offered by many web hosts. WordPress stores its data in MySQL databases, and so phpMyAdmin is a good way to see edit the database directly if you’re not familiar with shells, command lines, and such.

But to use phpMyAdmin, it has to be installed on a web-server and have access to your database files.

Many web hosts provide phpMyAdmin support built-in. Here’s how to find it within a Dreamhost account:

  1. Login at
  2. Click on ‘Goodies’ in the Main Menu.
  3. Click ‘MySQL Databases.’
  4. Find the MySQL Server and Hostname for the website you need to edit. Your hostname will usually include the URL of your website, eg. “”
  5. Click on the phpMyAdmin link for that hostname under the ‘Web Administration’ column.

If you do not have phpMyAdmin available. You can install and configure it on your web server. You will need:

  1. A copy of the latest phpMyAdmin software, downloaded to your computer.
  2. An FTP client to access your web server’s files.
  3. Login and password for FTP access to your web server.
  4. The administrator login & password for your MySQL database.

Download the latest version of phpMyAdmin. You should choose the 2.X version unless you know your web host is using PHP 5.2 and MySQL 5 or greater.

Extract the zipped file to a folder on your desktop.

Login to your web server with your FTP client. Create a new directory (folder) inside your website’s root directory (“”) and name it “phpmyadmin.”

Upload the unzipped phpMyAdmin files and folders to the folder you just created.

Visit with your web browser, and you will see the login page for phpMyAdmin.

Login using the administrator login & password for your blog’s MySQL database. (You can find this through your web host control panel.)

Congratulations! You now have phpMyAdmin access to your WordPress databases.

You can now use phpMyAdmin to reset your WordPress password if your email reset is lost or compromised. Here’s a good tutorial. Ignore the cpanel stuff if you installed phpMyAdmin to a specific web directory as described above.

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