January 25, 2012

Larry Page: Get with SPYW or GTFO – SEO Tweet Sheet Daily

Google Plus splash page screen shot, the Google bar with google plus link highlighted

Today’s SEO tweet sheet. Here’s what you need to know about SEO this morning…

Google Plus splash page screen shot, the Google bar with google plus link highlighted

Danny Sullivan points to an amazing quote, allegedly from Larry Page, setting out their 2012 strategy for Google+ and Search Plus Your World (SPYW, aka their social search strategy) in no uncertain terms. — ref.

And MarketingLand suggests Google’s new TOS can use just about anything to target you. — ref.

From the agency desks, A Stalker’s Guide to Competitive Research from BlueGlass was getting noticed. — ref. And Onward Search put out an interview on career strategy with Tamar Weinberg, a social media expert. — ref.

Apple vs Google earnings getting passed around, with Apple’s profits ($13 billion) beating Google’s entire revenue ($10.6 billion). — ref.

Danny Sullivan tweets,

“not only did apple profits beat google revs but apple did that with manufacturing costs vs google’s virtual inventory” — ref.

While Jim Maiella makes an interesting observation,

“Apple: Most valuable company in the world. No Twitter feed. No Facebook ‘fan’ page. Hmm.” — ref.

SEOs quick to defend Google, as Danny points out that,

“on flipside, google ‘factories’ don’t hang suicide nets, as with apple foxconn ones do. Daily Show was classic on this”  — ref.

And Aaron Bradley notes,

“Apple pre-tax profit per employee: $400,000. Foxconn Chengdu employee average monthly wage: $400.” — ref.

With the State of the Union last night, several SEOs were tweeting politics and the upcoming election. Danny again,

“All that technology & CNN still can’t show captions naming the people it chooses to spotlight in the State Of The Union, geez.” — ref.

Alysson’s tweet of this Obama applause line picked up some RTs,

“From now on, every multi-national corporation should have to pay a basic, minimum tax. And every penny should go toward lowering the national debt.” — ref.

While Joseph Morin wants to know,

“exactly how many bills Obama signs tomorrow.” — ref.

And Alysson thinks

“it’s remarkable that @BarackObama still thinks anyone in the GOP cares about anything except defeating his agenda.” — ref.

…and that’s a wrap! Thanks for reading. Got tips? Send ’em to the SEO Tweet Sheet!

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