Beta Chrome Browser (Finally!) Supports Multiple Users

If you work in tons of different Google Accounts every day, the new Chrome beta is worth a look. Instructions geared to AdWords agencies, courtesy of J Prentice on LinkedIn: 1. Download Google Chrome Beta – 2. Click the “Customize and Control Google Chrome” wrench on the right side. 3. Sign in with your […]

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Hooray for Amit!

Amit Gupta gets a full donor match for his leukemia. Great news and an inspiring outcome for one of the NYC/SF tech community’s “favorite sons.”

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Google testing ad unit lead capture with Pinchit

Saw this in Aaron Wall’s Google+ feed. I got the result, with the kicker that since I was logged into Google Apps, it auto-populated the email field for me. Slippery slope, this could juice revenues for a bit, but A. Google’s already a direct competitor, and B. They have a history of enhanced search functionality […]

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Pupcakes Playcare

Local shout-out to fellow entrepreneur Arlene Sinanian at  Pupcakes small dog daycare and grooming in Buckhead, Atlanta (map). Pupcakes is a small dog’s best friend when there’s grooming to be done, or a “home away from home” is needed. They have an open playground and great boarding and grooming facilities. Don’t trust me? No worries […]

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AdWords Updates Home Tab

Google has revamped the home tab for AdWords. They’ve simplified the layout and put a big account performance summary at the top of the page. The biggest change is the replacement of the Account Snapshot tracking with a system that “widgetizes” filters from your Campaigns tab to create discrete views of your campaign. Any custom […]

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